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SIPP05-We R Wellness

We R Wellness is an Ayurvedic supplement for athletes aimed at improving their strength, performance & recovery



Opportunity Details

We R Wellness

What is the product? 

We R Wellness is an Ayurvedic supplement for athletes aimed at improving their strength, performance & recovery.

What are the features of the product?

Increases strength, stamina, performance and faster recovery

Who is the target audience?

Players, Sports clubs, teams, groups, corporates - affinity towards any marathon, triathlon or events, individuals

How does it benefit the end user?

Increases immunity, enhances lifestyle, better productivity

What all marketing material will be provided to me?

Videos, links to the product, images of the product etc will be provided

How will I share these material with the prospect?

You can share them digitally via WhatsApp, FB, Instagram. 

You may contact them in person and share the material. 

What steps to take after the prospect shows interest and contacts me?

You can share the details of the prospect with the vendor. It is advisable to keep a track of the leads. 

Where to reach out to for any kind of queries?

You can reach out to the admin of the SIPP group via WhatsApp.

If the client asks for a demo, then will the product be provided to me?


Can the meeting between the client and the vendor be via a zoom call? 


Will you provide me with creatives which I can use on my social media network?

Yes. Creatives will be shared in the group. 

How will the leads be tracked?

We advise you to keep a record of the leads shared by you to the vendor. 

You need to be aware of the conversion of the leads which you can then get a commission from the vendor. 

What is the referral payment cycle?

30 days

For any SIPP opportunity related query, whom can I reach out to?

Sipp admin

What if commission is not received? 

In such a case, sportsbiznet will intervene and if the vendor is found guilty, then they will be blacklisted.

Supplier Name

We R Wellness

average rating is null out of 5



Launch Date

Across India

25 Apr 2022





All Sports




Benefits to Coaches / PE Teachers

Earning opportunity of 15 to 20 % on sales


If you are interested in above opportunity submit request

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