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Exclusive for Coaches from Delhi (All Sports)

One Day Workshop with Bio-mechanical Assessment

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First 10 Coaches from Delhi

(All Sports)

ABTP (Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance) has brought the most dynamic technology from around the world in the field of Sport and Healthcare, to India. Biomechanical Assessments are one of the most integral parts of ABTP Services.

A Biomechanical Assessment is the most fundamental part of the ABTP Process, where the Physical Parameters of the entire body are taken and quantified.

Using Digital Mirroring Technology and Load Sensors, the devices can ascertain the centre of gravity, movement, and tilts of the body to give data related to stability, strength, symmetry, and over 30 different parameters with an error rate of less than 1%! 

This data gives an accountable view of a user, and our Expert physiotherapists can use this data to provide customised and precise solutions to help the user with injury management, performance enhancement, or advanced strength and conditioning.

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One day workshop

with Participation Certificate

Date : 27th April 2021

Location : Fortis Escorts, OPD Building, 2nd Floor, Gate, No. 5, Okhla Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110025

Explore Sports Science Technology at world class center

Leverage the devices for:
• Sport Specific Assessments
• Injury Management/Prevention
• Strength and Conditioning
• Performance Enhancement
• Recovery

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