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"After literacy if there is something that can help countries grow than it's Artificial Intelligence". #indiasportsindustrySports Authority of India

Can we as a nation put our act together and lead to grab this industry ( Sports AI) which will easily grow out to be USD 10-15 Bn by 2030? This will mean jobs in the range of 10,000 - 15,000 . Something that should make all sports management colleges happy. The use of this skill will find application in;

1.Performance Analysis 2.Injury Prevention 3. Personalised Training 4.

Fan Engagement 5.Equipment Design 6. Sports Content Creation 7. Talent Identification 8. Sports Betting 9. Umpiring 10. Sponsorships

So what can India really do to lead this?

India can lead the way in sports artificial engineering by adopting a 5 pronged approach that involves several key strategies:

a) Investing in research and development: India needs to invest in research and development in sports engineering, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence. This will involve funding for research centers and collaborations between academia and industry.

b)Developing a skilled workforce: India needs to develop a skilled workforce in sports engineering that can apply cutting-edge technology to enhance sports performance. This can be achieved through the establishment of specialized training programs and the promotion of sports engineering as a career option.

c) Collaboration between academia and industry: India needs to encourage collaboration between academia and industry to ensure that research is translated into practical applications. This will involve creating partnerships between universities and sports organizations, as well as creating opportunities for industry professionals to work in academia and vice versa.

d) Government support: The Indian government can play a vital role in promoting sports engineering by providing funding for research, supporting industry partnerships, and incentivizing the development of sports engineering products and services.

e) Embracing emerging technologies: India needs to stay abreast of emerging technologies in sports engineering, such as virtual reality and wearable technology, and explore how these can be applied to enhance sports performance.

By adopting these strategies, India can position itself as a leader in sports artificial engineering and contribute to the advancement of the global sports industry.

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