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Customized Sports Diet through delivery app. Is it a growing Business opportunity ?

On the face of it, it looks to be a big "Yes". With growing sports industry participation and equally big health conscious society, you would think it would be a big business. But, it has not grown as expected. Those into business since last 10 years are still finding challenges to scale.It surprises even more that even with the ease of access to cloud kitchens and faster delivery, why is it so? We looked at some of the challenges facing this business. In case you can overcome this, there is a big business waiting for sure!!

  • The sports nutrition industry in India is still at a nascent stage, and there may be a lack of awareness and education about the benefits of customized sports diets.

  • The costs of providing personalized nutrition plans and delivering customized meals can be high, and it may be challenging to price the services competitively.

  • Maintaining quality and consistency in food preparation and delivery can be a challenge, especially if the business scales up quickly.

  • The business model may require a significant investment in technology, infrastructure, and human resources to provide personalized nutrition plans and deliver customized meals.

In conclusion, providing customized sports diets through delivery app can be a viable business opportunity in the Indian sports industry if the business model is executed well, taking into account the challenges and opportunities discussed above. A deep understanding of the sports industry and nutrition, along with a strong marketing strategy, can be crucial to the success of the business.

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