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The Challenge

The Covid 19 pandemic has posed a serious challenge to humanity. It has virtually stopped everything and forced the world to change the way it works. The pandemic had a huge impact on Sports industry, athletes, leisure sports , children sports etc which is resulting in a huge problem for personal health and causing practice issues for professional athletes. While some of the sports facilities are beginning to open up in some parts of the world, the second wave is forcing a second lock-down in some parts.

Topic  : Design a solution that helps athletes to prepare for their sports withing the constraints of their home or building

Out of this central challenge emerge a series of important design elements that all teams involved should consider:

  • The solution should benefit a professional athlete to prepare for their competition. For eg Bowling , batting, dribbling, footwork, throwing balls etc.

  • The solution should have physical element which should involve manufacturing with sustainable technology within India.

  • The solution should be deployable withing an area of 10 sq ft to 30 sq ft.

  • The solution should have an element of gaming and scoring

  • The solution should involve playing of max 3 players with social distance.

  • The solution should be unique and not copied.

  • The solution should help coaches to train the athletes for better/


What’s more, the two winning entries in this Hackathon will get to present their ideas to a panel of top executives in the sports industry.

The Opportunity

The professional athletes are struggling to keep themselves ready for competitions. Your solution will help them achieve bulk of their training withing the confines of their homes or building.


How to Participate


Get Your Team Together

It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer, or a project manager, or an enthusiastic thinker, sports teaches us that a good team needs all kinds of players. So grab your mates (remotely, of course), and register your team. You are allowed to have any numbers of members in your team.


Read the Rules


Our Hackathon doesn’t have a lot of rules, but to participate you’ve got to know them. Read the full set of rules in the section on rules ( below )


Hackathon Rules

SportsBiznet - Hackathon

The goal of all SportsBiznetis to bring together the brightest, most creative, and most innovative minds in sports to work through potential solutions to hard challenges facing the industry. The guiding spirit of these events is collaboration—we know that innovation and progress require teamwork. That is why our hackathons are designed to be truly open because the sports industry needs all of us to come together to make it better.

1 Participation/Registration

    1.1 Anyone, regardless of skill or expertise is encouraged to participate.

    1.2 Individuals may register as a “Solo Team” following all of the registration policies for teams with more participants.

    1.3 Teams may have  number of participants on their team. 

    1.4 All teams must have a “Team Captain” indicated during participation. The team captain is the primary point of contact for the hackathon organizers. By default “Solo Teams” have their individual participant as a captain.

    1.5 During the registration process, all team members must have a name and an email address listed to be included in the hackathon.

    1.6 All team members must be 18-years-old at the time of registration.


2 Hackathon Launch Keynote

    2.1 To start every hackathon, SportsBiznet organizers will conduct a “Launch Keynote” with details about the event, and starting the countdown clock.


3 Hackathon Duration

    3.1 The hackathon duration is 7 days  from the start of the countdown timer during the “Launch Keynote.”


4 Project Submission

    4.1 To qualify for judging and any prizes, teams must digitally submit their project pitches using the zoom or google meet mediums. All team submissions must include a short video pitch that will form the basis of their submission for judging. Additional code sets, pitch decks, software demos, sketches, or any other documents or media may be considered by judges.


5 Judging

    5.1 After the hackathon countdown timer ends, all project submissions entered according to rules section 4 will be considered for any available prizes.

    5.2 The committee will choose one winner from the pool of finalists to be the winner. 

6.0 Prize

    6.1 The prizes will be announced as per the terms and conditions of sportsbiznet.


7.0 Intellectual Property

    7.1 All projects  uploaded and submitted) will be owned by those individual teams. This basically means the team that created the project, owns the original content and can do with it as they please/


8 Confidentiality:

    8.1 Confidentiality is not guaranteed in any way. Do not include confidential material in your submissions. SportsBiznet accepts no responsibility for preventing other competitors, audience members, or judges, sponsors or others who see or hear a pitch competitor’s idea or materials from sharing the idea and/or materials. Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Covenants Not to Compete between a competitor and SportBiznet, judges and/or audience members are not permitted. Sharing your idea or concept may be deemed a public disclosure. It is the responsibility of applicants to consult with an attorney before entering the competition. Sports Innovation Lab is not responsible for any confidentiality issues that may occur during the course of, or as a consequence of, the competition. Pitch Competition competitors agree that Sports Innovation Lab incurs no liability from disputes arising therefrom.

Keyboard and Mouse

Registration Form

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